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This page is dedicated especially for you my friends along with friends of my friends!

Ioana Tulbure and Pablo


For us, the dog training session meant fun and satisfaction. We started working with Pablo since he was 4 months only and our work was rewarded one year later, when Pablo won his first BH exam. Pablo loves so much Catalin and is very happy when he sees him. It is above all, an attitude that makes dogs react to Catalin better than to their owners. He is an excellent trainer and dog psychologist with much patience that put passion in everything he does.

Irina and Kira


Me and Kira, had great difficulties in sharing the same space. I realized what's missing after half of a year ... We didn't know how to communicate with each other. I contacted Catalin and he told me what I ached to hear: "it's never too late to learn how to communicate". We started the training... I can say now that Kira ("the beast") understands me and I understand Kira. I am grateful to Catalin and I appreciate his patience he has with us, and how it approached.

Gilda and Seth


We started to train Seth with Catalin because he was the only dog trainer who could give us the joy of working directly with our four-legged friend. Seth was 6 months. A year has passed since then. Our dog evolved a lot and has developed an outstanding personality. Seth is now a "therapist" for the old people from Max asylum. And that's not all, at this moment we are preparing for an exam that we will certainly promote successfully, because we had the best teacher.

Relu and Hera


We started the training with Catalin because he was the only one who know how to train a Husky! Until then, the other "trainers" we had spoken to said to us that this breed can not be trained, and everything is a waste of time! After only 2 weeks of traning we saw the first results. That time, Hera was 2 years old, and now at age 7 we have an excellent relationship. Catalin is an excellent canine psychologist and a very good friend of all dogs. Many thanks to Catalin for everything we learned from him, both me and Hera. And there are still many things to speak about...

Gabriela and Yupi


The wonderful discoveries, started from the moment Yupi (our 5 years Bichon, at that time only 6 months) had the first training course. First of all, I was surprised that the training was done with Yupi and with us. I learned to communicate in two directions: the claim but also to send feelings to our dog. Can we learn how to love? Yes! Can we learn to love more, better, trully? Yes! Catalin showed us how to do it step by step. The most diligent student was our little girl: Mara. Benefits are many, but most important: we have a partner with four paws disciplined, cheerful, communicative. We have a 7 years old child loving, caring and training the dog (and that's not all). And all this thanks to a wonderful gift that Catalin gave to us.

Coco and Kiryoku Go Carlos Hiruko


I started with the idea to train and balance my dog, and I discovered after not very long time that dog training finally balanced myself. Working with a trainer who understands your temperament and associate it with your dog's has to do with canine and human psychology. The first method of training that gives you a starting point in training: the reward ends your training period! At the end of training sessions full of rewardings it is your turn to get the huge reward: a balanced dog with an impeccable presentation and a fantastic reaction to owner's stimuli. By seeing Catalin's happiness to meet my dog, stronger than mine when I meet my dog, made me realize: beyond his work there is a lot of passion, love, loyalty to the dogs. And I am wondering if these virtues are coming to dogs from Catalin or they are coming to Catalin from the dogs ... but at the end of the training sessions, I am pretty sure ... they are born to work together!

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