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Rehabilitation of dogs with behavioral deviations

Rehabilitation of dogs with behavioral deviations is a different category of dog training, which requires special training programs. Most dog owners complain on how their companions behave when they are left alone, that are very possessive with their food, growl or even attack anyone in the vicinity of its food bowl. Other are concerned that their dogs show aggression with other people or dogs.

Unfortunately, there have been cases when the owners have “put-down” their dogs because they thought that there was no other way. The dogs had aggressive reactions to loud noises, had the tendency to bite their owner or whatever was close. Because of the lack of information, of knowledge on what makes the dogs react in such ways it has gotten to this point.

Each behavioral deviation has its cause. In order to solve the problem we must find first the cause. Once this cause is discovered, we can apply a method that can rehabilitate the dog.

For each of the behavioral issues that a dog can have, aggression, fear, sensitivity to touch followed by aggression, separation anxiety, there are specifically designed programs of rehabilitation. With tact, a good method and positive reinforcement, any dog has the chance of being turned back to normal.

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