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Dog training for competitions

Canine sports are organized in various competitions for which dogs get different training. They are evaluated with their owners and are given points by the judges of the competition. The training methods for dog competitions are exclusively based on positive reinforcement.

Training sessions must be treated with great attention. Their duration is relatively short, starting for only a few minutes in the beginning to allow the dog to get used to the commands getting up to 40-50 minutes, as long as the dog is focused.

Depending on the sport you choose, you must know that training for it may take more than a few months in order to achieve the standards of the competition. For example, the best of the best in Canine freestyle trainers work with the dogs for a period of 12 months. For obedience, agility or IPO (guard dogs), dogs start training at an early age. Preparing a dog may take up to a year and a half if you really want excellent results.

Unfortunately, in Romania, the mentality of some trainers, dog owners has negative effects on the level of training for competitions. Most of them do not have the required knowledge in order to train dogs, use the wrong methods, and start too late, train too little. The rush to get the certificate makes the training of the dogs to be at a low level.

It must be kept in mind that with passion, patience, confidence and the right method any of our dogs can be champions in canine sports.

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