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Dog training - special category

Dog training - special category:

  • refusal of food on the ground or from strangers
  • refusal of leaving with strangers
  • teaching the dog not to leave the premises of the yard when the gates are open
  • coordination from distance
  • coordination from the balcony of the building
  • teaching the dog to stay out of traffic
  • barking (on command) through discreet leash signals or coordinated from the distance
  • running alongside with the car, motorcycle, bike
  • treadmill running
  • obstacle jumping

Additional commands such as:

  • coordination from distance (useful for commercials, movies)
  • SLUS
  • DIG
  • FETCH (any object)
  • HOLD (holding the object in the mouth)
  • UP (on the back legs)
  • DANCE (successive passing between the trainers legs)
  • BETWEEN (going backwards between the trainers legs)
  • OUT (leaving a room)
  • GO (sending to fixed point)
  • advanced attention exercises
  • any command that the owner specifically requests

This program includes specific exercises for work exams, for training the dog for different canine sports.

Through this program the dogs are selected for commercials, movies, public shows. I can say that a number of the dogs that I have trained have successful acting careers, having participated in TV commercials, public events, where they have always impressed the audience with their advanced level of training.

Dog training and consulting services

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