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About me

My business card


  • Graduate of "Ciorani" - Border police dog training school.
  • Graduation certificate of Military dog training school
  • Gabriel Cocu collaboration since 1999
  • Master's degree in Psychology, "Titu Maiorescu" University, 2004. Degree: BS in Psychology.
  • Founding member of the CDC (canine training club) Romania
  • Certified professional helper for competitions.

Professional activity

Over 15 years experience in dog training with an impressive record of races and types of behavior.

Special cases:

  • Rehabilitation of dogs with fear and lack of socialization
  • Rehabilitation of dogs with aggressive behaviour against dogs and people.


Charity activity in hospitals, education facilities for children, rest homes for the elderly or disabled, as shows and performances with trained dogs specifically to with dog trained specifically to help interact with humans.

Specialist care coordinator in many projects like "Animals make people smile", involving dogs therapy to cure elderly people from "Max" asylum (2009 - 2010).

The full story about me

Catalin Cornea can shortly be described in a few words: a formalist, an expert eye for detail, creative, innovative, perfectionist, dedicated to work. This is the story and history of my evolution. Further, you will find some interesting facts about my professional activity and evolution.


I was born on a summer day of August 1976, in Bucharest. I grew up on Giurgiu Rd., across the street from Progresu Market. I have had my first contact with the canine species from a very early age. I tied my very first friendship with a dog at the age of 4. It was a very special bond between us which I remember even now. I met Tzupy, as I called him, in a small park near "chess player's table". Generations 70s and 80s should remember the famous chess players and their tables in the park. Tzupy was a stray dog, with reddish fur, which stood quietly at their feet every day during their game. Going with my dad daily to the park to the chess players made possible a friendship between Tzupy and me. We became very good friends. Every morning Tzupy waited at my window for me to wake up and say 'Hello!’ As I grew older, he used to accompany me on my way to school, also waited for me to finish and go back home together. All seems to be taken out of a story, but stories can be real; especially those about dogs.

Life is changing

One day, my family and I had to move. I kept the same joy of being friends with dogs. Stray dogs were my true companions in this journey to knowledge. I have numerous memories about the dogs that lived around my block. The 'scheming' with my friends on ways to subtract food from our refrigerators and sharing it with the dogs led to the first principle of approaching dogs, which in fact all of us know instinctively: customization and rewarding. Each dog had its own little reserved piece of food...Over the years there have been a lot of four-legged friends, each of them with its name: Bita, Fetita, Nera, Rita, Jack. Though to you these are just names, to me they mean much more, friendship and attachment. Another friend in my life was Jack, a half breed german shepherd, was the first dog I taught to raise its paws as a greeting, to fetch a specific object, to pull the sleigh and to crawl. At that time and age, I didn't have the knowledge of real training, just intuition and love for dogs. Very much love which had transformed itself into a very unique passion. I realized what the power of 'talking' with my four-legged friends meant to me. I wanted so much to understand them, nevertheless them to understand me. Then came Concetta, a frail and scared german shepherd. I wanted to help her, to establish a communication between us. I had no sources of information; there weren't TV shows on canine behavior or dog training, no dog magazines, a connection to the Internet not being possible at that time. The only solution was to study, to analyze, and to develop on my own different ways of connecting, through practice. It was what is called being self-taught.

It was hard but after all, I managed by myself. With patience, compassion and kindness I got to make Concetta a dog, first of all, self-confident, then, trained. Concetta was the first special case I had encountered.

After this great experience with Concetta, I did not hesitate to take care of any other dog. I was aware that the most important thing is the experience. The experience must be wider regarding dog breeds and types of behavior. I started with my friends' dogs, then things have changed and other people asked me to train their dogs, having good recommendations. I could have stopped at that level of knowledge and experience but dog training is supposed to work with two subjects: the dog and the man (owner). I had enough experience about the dogs. So I decided to get a degree in psychology. The man is the key. The communication is a two way road between man and dog. Both must learn to communicate, to understand each other's language. Psychology helped me understand the man, at the beginning of his relationship with his dog, full of emotions and frustrations. Thus I was able to help him better understand his friend, to communicate properly and have a smooth relationship.

My passion for dog training has led my steps in life, one of them being very important. In 1997, I chose to do something as useful as pleasant for myself.

Ciorani - dog training school

In 1997 I interrupted my studies and went to the army. I made a special request to be sent to Ciorani Border police dog training school. I was about to realize a childhood dream, to see how it's like being in a military dog training school, to find out how do they train the police dogs I often saw in the movies or along with men in uniform patrolling the streets of the city. Here I had the opportunity to see police dogs who took part in parades and demonstrations of training on stadiums. Dixy was my friend in the army. A very good friend with a special story. After nearly 1 year of training in the specialty "escort (security and protection) and tracking", we took our exam for graduation in the presence of a committee coming from Bucharest, from the Ministry of Interior and from the National Commandment of Border Guards at that time. I got a graduation certificate, with the maximum rating.

I was promoted with congratulations by the commander of the military school himself, for the exceptional results with training Dixy. Due to my results I was invited to several performances, dog training demonstrations along with renowned dog trainers at that time.

Activity after the army

In 1998 immediately after completing military service, I started working with Gabriel Cocu a specialist in dog training. I had the most sensitive cases of dogs with various behavioral disorders, studied and practiced in detail under the direct guidance of Gabriel Cocu, the technique of "bomber", working in protective suits and specialty of training, security and protection. After this new partnership ended, I worked again as I did before army, on my own. I performed dog training based on the recommendations, at a highly professional dog training level.


In the meantime I was happy for being invited at miscellanous TV shows.

  • "Acasa" TV station made a report about dog training whose protagonist was Catalin Cornea.
  • I performed along with my dog Bonjuk, a Siberian Husky, were invited at entertainment "Gong Show" in 2003, at Antena 1, presented by Horia Brenciu
  • I was invited to attend the inaugural show "Teo & Andi", with local showbiz celebrities such as Naomi Dinescu (Tanta), the boys from Cassa Loco, Kitty Cepraga, the girls from Sexxy and of course with Teo Trandafir and Andy Moisescu.
  • I collaborated as a permanent guest in a live broadcast of the National Romanian Radio.
  • in December 2003, I visited the "Pinocchio" orphanage house, I offered gifts accompanied by several friends, where we sustained a Christmas performance with Bonjuk and the other dogs.
  • The next "adventure" of this kind took place at the and of 2005, also on Christmas. We organised 2 visits with dogs, first to a mentally handicapped people asylum, and another one to a primary school where we met little kids.
  • In 2007, I had the status of permanent guest in a live show about pets, on Cosmos TV channel, where I was present with trained dogs, and to answer to the questions from viewers and to show the dog training course.
  • 2007 - 2008, I was part of "Autostrada TVR" show, where I presented the dog training part, where I explained in a dynamic manner, the dog training tecniques I used as a dog trainer. Also I explained dog training methods on "Prietenii nostri" (Our friends) show. I acted in several TV studios from Romania such as Antena 1, Euforia TV, TVR, where I answered questions from moderators and reporters in a live show.
  • I wrote several articles about dog training and canine psychology in the international magazine "Dog Fancy".
  • From 2007 to 2010, I was special guest of the event "World Animal Day" held at the Children's Palace, where we held public performances with dogs trained to advanced level. Every evening of the days of the event, national television news crews broadcast outstanding clips from the event, including Dog Training by Catalin Cornea
  • In 2009 am was invited by GIA Foundation and Mars Romania, to participate and coordinate the pilot project therapy with dogs at "Max" asylum. The project was a real success, with absolutely amazing results. This is why the project is already preparing the 3rd edition to end of 2010.

There were special moments ... Thus, we realize more than ever that dog training can be used for a noble purpose. Dogs may become a real psychological help and encouragement to people who need it. The dogs' training level and its quality have attracted the attention of a large number of animal lovers from abroad through Youtube.com channel. People send emails and messages on the internet to ask for advice and for services of Catalin Cornea. Currently I started to form the base of cooperation outside the country with specialists in the field. Fulfillment of so many years of work, ideas and experiences accumulated in a special project, which will benefit all animal lovers in Romania, Europe and why not overseas. Will be coming soon!

Good health till then!

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