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Through time, in my dog trainer carrier, with the numerous collaborations with dog owners, I have had the opportunity to be solicited by various companies, TV stations and organizations.

The obvious question: ‘Why me, from all, which are as dedicated and talented as I am?’ The answer came naturally: my unique and personalized methods (see Services), my style of work with both humans and dogs. Knowledge and experience made the difference.

Everything you do through training mirrors the reaction of the audience.

I didn’t want it to be all about "sit" or "lay down". I approached different levels of dog training, accomplished more. I have always tried new tricks with the dogs I trained. That’s how Bonjuk appeared, making training more of a show than a necessity, an activity well known abroad.

Romanians are too fascinated by the acts animals put together with the guiding of their trainer and appreciate their value and sheer intelligence.

And so came the "TV people" that wanted a piece of the grand act. Publicity agencies started to want in their commercial dogs trained specifically by Catalin Cornea. Never the more, "flash" representations of Bonjuk and other dogs became an important topic of discussion for everyone in the business.

The last partnership was with GIA (The initiative group for animals) and MARS Romania with whom we went to "Max" asylum for the elderly. We made our debut there with our therapy program "Animals make people smile". This project has already had since then 3 successful editions.

In this project, I had the status of specialist-coordinator, successfully using my studies in psychology and experience in working with animals. We selected a number of dogs with special skills suited to this type of activity (therapy). The project was successful, passing the private boundaries, being described and presented by the media.

Currently and surely in the future, the numbers of this type of collaboration will increase because, no matter what organization will use these services, its main interest will be primarily in training quality and advanced level required.

In terms of representations, they can be organized upon request in the framework of exhibitions, private parties, for the amusement of children, TV shows or events.

These canine training demonstrations are consisted of presentations at various levels of training of dogs, emphasizing the diversity of characters each dog has, sometimes with amusing results.

During these demonstrations I can explain and illustrate practically how these dogs are trained, you can find unusual things, that once found allow people to try to train their own dogs at home.

Bonjuk, the Siberian husky, participated on TV shows and was the main character in some articles. Kara, Summy, Porto, Maura (German shepherd) and Team (common race) have successfully taken part in different action and flash-representations. They are gentle dogs with magnificent characters that have always amazed with only their presence.

These are only just a few examples of dogs capable of such apparitions. They are trained to do many moves and tricks, love to work with people, their style of expressing themselves.

Representations vary in length each time, between 30-40 minutes, sometimes reaching a length of an hour and a half. Every dog with its handler demonstrates skills, abilities and reveals through the exercises performed the training techniques that have led to remarkable results.

Usually, representations are interactive. The public is encouraged to participate throughout the show, any questions can be submitted anytime during it. One of the most special moments is that when children are invited to help the trainer with the scene, are actively involved in the representation, give orders to dogs or take unforgettable pictures with dogs. Previous experiments have shown that at such meetings the atmosphere is very relaxed, everyone leaves with a smile.

Collaborations and participations at some events

Chronologically organized details, photos and videos:

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