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"Any dog can be trained if at the end of the leash is
a man smart enough not to be brutal!"

Dog training, as a whole, means creation. Each and every one of the dog’s traits is built, molded little by little with training until the wanted goal is reached. All these define the term "education".

Education is the foundation upon which relies the communication. A good path of communication is "born" through the understanding of the messages that are sent and received. Dog training is the perfect formula for achieving a totally unique way of communication: human-dog communication!

Also a correct communication, provides a good mental health of your pet and avoids the appearance of behavioral disorders.

How many times didn’t we have the joy of observing that during play time with our dog we receive its full attention while it’s trying to read our intentions, trying to understand us?

Canine training, as a science, has developed throughout time learning techniques that help dogs understand even more the messages we send them, thus becoming of real help to us, even finding their own use in everyday life. In fact, a useful dog is a happy dog!

Basically, the ultimate goal of training is generally (and the obedience training in particular) to create a common language for both you and your dog. Looking from the human point of view, you're the one who needs to communicate to your dog what kind of behavior is correct, expected or even liked in certain circumstances, and what kind of behavior is not approved. But we also need to understand the messages we receive from the dog. Therefore , a trained dog will respond immediately to orders and to your needs, will not get nervous due to several unsuccessful attempts to please you and will not become anxious because of your frustration.

The dog sees the family members as its own leaders, becoming calmer and more confident in this relationship of love and authority. Who doesn’t want dog that is happy and perfectly placed into the family hierarchy?

Training (especially obedience training) is important to meet the basic needs of your friend - he needs to exercise and practice, also a good communication and guidance for constructive social relationships. Basically, the training will give something useful for your dog to do, will redirect a part of its mental energy, a dog being by definition a very active animal.

Enjoy your read!

Yours sincerely,
Catalin Cornea.

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